The first time you have a reading with anyone its nice to know about other client's opinions of their consultation..  Thanks to those who have allowed us to share their experiences with you.

Nina's readings have been described as being;


Accurate   Down-to-earth    Remarkable insight   Sensitive  Compassionate  Very accurate

Realistic    Detailed    Clarity    Refreshing    Highly recommended



Nina’s readings are compassionate, caring, accurate, detailed, uplifting, full of humor and profound. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone interested in their personal development. Sheila , London.

"Nina is a warm and friendly lady who has amazing perception into the lives of friends and family of mine including myself.  She gets you back on track and we always look forward to her readings!!”  N. Houghton, Richmond


"I have been going for readings with Nina for the last 15 years and I can honestly say she is one of the best readers around. Consistently accurate, down to earth and realistic, this highly sensitive and gifted lady can really help with the direction of life. I have recommended many of my friends to her, and the feedback is always the same – she is amazing!! If you want a truly accurate picture of what is going on, and someone who isn’t going to BS you, then Nina is your lady!  I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone!"

J. Rogers, London/ Australia  

"I worked with Nina about 5 years ago while I was living in the London area. I participated in a series of classes she gave and learned many things: most importantly a greater understanding of the various energies around us and how this understanding can influence the relationships and events in our lives. I have also done readings and dream interpretations with her which have helped me in my personal growth."  Therese Desorbay, France

“Dear Nina, many years ago I came to see you while you were in East Croydon and you did a reading for me. You mentioned at the time that I would be writing stories that inspire people. That has come true.  Thank you for your wonderful gifts you share. Keep doing what you do.  Love always,  Enocia

“I first consulted Nina nearly 20 years ago for an aura reading. Since then I have seen her at intervals, usually in difficult times such as at major life changes and after bereavement. The first thing about Nina is that she put me at ease, combining sensitivity and compassion with an honest view of reality. Her ability to tune in to the other person's inner state and in to situations generally is combined with a down to earth frankness, true caring and a refreshing sense of humor. She has both psychic and psychological insight as well as professional counseling skills. Her readings take place in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. I can highly recommend her.”  Marie-Anne, Beckenham

“Nina and (her partner) Douglas have given me amazing insight into the "why".   I can understand and move on and hopefully learn with these remarkable insights and healings.  My life is running smoother now and I hope that I am clearing the factors that my soul has manifested that make life so jolly uncomfortable and frightening sometimes.  Looking forward to a smoother ride with their support and teachings.   I have sent several people to Nina and indeed Douglas and they have all been delighted.”  L. Crawford.

“Nina, just a note to say thank you for the reading at the mind, body and spirit festival. I was one of your Thursday afternoon customers, a tall Finnish woman, and simply amazed you were able to keep the work going despite the crowds, noise and a long list of customers before me. I just listened to the tape and it made me smile, very accurate and lovely reading. I wish you all the best and hope our paths cross sometime in future, much love, Tuula

“I first had a reading when I split up with a long-term girlfriend. I was sceptical but my sister encouraged me to see Nina (she'd been several times over the years with positive effects). I was in 'limbo-land' and a bit lost, in need of direction and an objective view. Nina read my aura and told me things that absolutely BLEW me away. Not bad stuff, just real and how it was. Refreshing. She couldn't have been truer about some of the observations and people around me - sometimes you need that even if it hurts. If you ever want clarity on a situation Nina is the one to see. I suggested a close friend go. He wasn't into it at all but also a bit lost on what to do about work. He came away speechless and after some reflection, based some serious career decisions on what he heard. It turned out to be very valuable for him.

“Three years later I needed clarity again so I just had my second reading and it’s even more astonishing than the first. It is not possible for someone to be so accurate about things without real talent. More importantly, if you want to feel positive about your outlook or a situation, I highly recommend a reading with Nina to anyone.” Tim Lamb, London