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Testimonials: Welcome
Tarot Reading

Learn what others have to say about Nina Ashby, International Psychic

The first time you have a consultation, it's nice to know about other client's experiences. 

My thanks to those who have agreed to share their experiences with you.

Nina's sessions have been described as being;


Accurate   Down-to-earth    Remarkable insight   Sensitive  Compassionate  Very accurate

Realistic    Detailed    Clarity    Refreshing    Highly recommended

Testimonials: About Me
Nina Ashby with books in background

Psychic Readings, Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy all require a certain level of trust between the client and myself. Building this starts from our first connection: email or telephone.


Having spent decades working with individuals on a deep personal level, unravelling stories of their past, present and future, I understand how important it is to approach each session in a way that works uniquely for you, accessing appropriate skills and abilities.  

Read some of my clients' experiences of my professional practice below.

Testimonials: Testimonials

N Houghton, Richmond

"Nina is a warm and friendly lady who has amazing perception into the lives of friends and family of mine including myself. She gets you back on track and we always look forward to her readings!"
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