What strange times we are living in! A pandemic was announced and BAM! the world changed almost overnight! Look around you...its quieter, people are isolating and feel and are isolated. Whether you are of the opinion that its a conspiracy of control or an unhappy accident, just see ow quickly life can change around us and for us! How do you cope in this uncertainty - your profession, your social life, how you spend your time, how you connect with others has to be scrutinised.

Do you look backwards and wonder what went wrong that you cannot change?

Do you look forwards with dread and fear of the worst case scenario or do you look for the positive potentials from difficult situations?

Do you look inwards and find it hard to connect with yourself or can you bring yourself into a place of connection with higher purpose?

NOW is the time for positive response, to be practical and not give in to blind fear. How can you take up the opportunity for growth that comes through enforced change?

There is a lot you can do! To name a few things:



Be Creative

Be Positive

Reach out

Take care of yourself

This is the time for insight, to rise above the gloom and find something else within to learn new things about yourself and for yourself!

Take advantage of this time....and remember I am here to be a guide if you want some insight, guidance and inspiration.

With Love....Nina

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