Sometimes I get SO frustrated that I feel frozen. Have you ever been in that position?

When I’m stuck, sometimes I sit in that for a while with the black blankness, and sometimes I realise that it’s the right place to be - because I need to be looking at something more deeply. Life’s not perfect, we all get stuck and stuckness sometimes means pausing. When you’re in that state, it’s easy to believe the worst and lose perspective of any other outcome. So here is what you can do….

Use these moments as a springboard to more positivity, pro-activity, and/or consciousness!

Going within is always worthwhile because there is hidden treasure in the dark. Darkness can be a place of hiding or a place of comfort, as well as being the place of fear and negativity.

To me, fear feels like a wall of ice that paralyzes and freezes, that blocks vision via old emotions; a place where there is no space to breathe or to be.

It is possible to change this by consciously ‘pushing the pause button’, and connecting with your inner truth. This encourages a feeling of space and a new perspective, giving you access to insights, answers and choices that influence a new way to act.

This is all a long explanation of something that will only take you a minute to do as you set your intention and work through the process. It could also lead to a longer inner consultation/meditation.

The order to remember is therefore Pause, Centre, Observe, Consider, Choose, and Act. Let’s go into this a bit deeper.

  • PAUSE Literally stop what you are doing and close your eyes.

  • CENTRE physically centre your posture, focus on taking a few slow and deep breaths then place your attention in your heart and smile.

  • OBSERVE the inner answers that may come as thoughts, images, emotions, or sensations to questions such as: how do i feel about this? What is best for me in this? Where is this person coming from? What is the right action for me? etc.

  • CONSIDER the information that you have received, that will help you to

  • CHOOSE what to do for your Highest Good with the information you received. Remember that there are 3 things you can do with information: do nothing but hold for future reference, discard, or choose to act on it.

  • ACT: take the ‘risk’ to act on your perception.

The outcome - the frozen wall will be melted and you will have greater perspective. You will have a feeling of empowered control in your life by being able to act rather than react.

It all starts with a thought; remembering that fear has its own survival function: get eaten, run, or fight. If you remain frozen, you always get eaten - more often by your own doubts than a sabre-tooth tiger!

So, when outer or inner fears assail you, go within, don’t be afraid of the dark, work with it, and you will feel, see and learn. This is the more positive framework that you will be able to apply to problem-solving in your life that incorporates, validates, and encompasses your spirituality in a practical way in your life.

As a practitioner, teacher of self-development work, and intuitive strategist, I assist and support people in their process in moving from limitation to Joy. To find out more about how I could assist you, visit

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