Colorful You

Colourful You!

Can you imagine a world in black and white – with lots of shades of grey but no colour? Colour IS life! You are a being of Light and from sunlight our world is alive, energised and transformed. The white light of the sun divides into all the colours of the spectrum and is visible within all of life in minerals, vegetables and animals – including us!

Colour carries energy information that you already know about as it exists within you as well as outside of you. Colours have meaning and when you think of expressions used in daily language, such as a “colourful person, “in the pink”, “green with envy”, “red hot”, feeling “blue”, etc. we can see that colour describes physical,, emotional, mental and even spiritual states of being. It just takes some thoughtfulness on your part to know what the meaning is of a particular colour and then to begin to use that knowledge to your advantage.

Basic Colour Meanings

Black is made up of all colours not manifest and represents the mystery of the unexpressed.

White is made up of all colours manifesting simultaneously and represents purity.

Grey represents neutrality, hiding or even exhaustion.

Brown is the mix of any three colours and represents grounding, earthing and practicality.

Red is physical energy, action and assertiveness

Yellow is joy, structured mental approach to situations, judgement

Blue is calm, expressive, creative, emotional, sensitive

Orange is ambitious, sociable, outgoing and associated with appetite

Green is nurturing, caring, pro-active and practical

Violet is powerful, quietly assertive, detached, deep and transformative

Seasonal Colour

Colour relates to how we experience our world. We live in a climate with changing seasons and we have definite unconscious associations according to the colours of nature.

In the cold winter, we want to bring a bit of festive cheer, the reminder of warmer times. Colours that express this are red berries, spicy smells, the orange flames of candles and gold (metallic yellow) sparkles. Deep colour mixtures with black such as forest green, indigo blue, rich purples and black itself are signatures of the feel of the season.

In the changeable spring we gravitate towards tones of all colours that particularly represent new life – so any pastel tones- mixtures with pure white, such as spring green, lemon yellow, pink, sky blue, lilac and peach.

In the hot summer we like to express ourselves with bright colours that mirror the outgoing nature of the season.

Autumnal colours are like the colours of falling leaves. The colour mixes are going towards the dark again with browns, russets, yellows and greens predominating.

Use Colour Consciously

By applying your knowledge of the effects of colour to every aspect of your life you can empower yourself to:

  • Choose the colours you wear for all occasions and know what that says about you

  • now what colours to use to decorate your environment for a particular effect,

  • Understand others through what colours they choose to wear,

  • Improve your well-being through application of coloured light, awareness of colour and nutrition in foods and by doing colour meditations

  • Select the appropriate colour crystal(s) to self-heal or cosmic order,

  • Choose a colour to help shift your mood or use colour to bring out and work on your personal psychology

  • Get more in touch with the subtle side of life and your spirituality

  • Appreciate the full spectrum that life has to offer.

There are many variations in colour and these are formed by adding either white or black to the bright tone of the colour. This modifies the energy and therefore quality of the colour. For example: pink is a softer version of red. It has the quality of vitality and energy of red softened by the purity and innocence of white. Dark red, formed of red mixed with black, is considered to be quite masculine with hidden passion.

Back to Balance

Think of how you (a situation or energy) may be out of balance. Too much of any one colour can be overpowering energetically. For example a bit of red captures attention and all red is perceived as over-stimulating or aggressive. If you feel too “fired up”, a red energy, then apply green to calm it down or use cool blue to put out the fire! Once you have analysed what is your dominant energy state, then apply the opposite colour to balance: red is opposite green, blue is opposite orange, yellow is opposite violet. You can do this through clothing, décor or meditation.

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