Psychic Reading Empowerment and a Gift For You

Experience is everything!

I have been a professional reader since 1980 after honing my natural gifts through 15 years of study, gaining confidence in my ability to communicate what I perceive about a person clearly and in an uplifting, positive manner.

My experience gives you an experience of yourself; an in-depth of understanding of the why’s and wherefores of your life events present and from the past, putting them in perspective from a psycho-spiritual standpoint. My vision of your future probabilities offers you possible choices, assists you to have confidence in yourself, your intuition, your future progression in life. This will enhance your experience.

What can you expect?

For readings of 30 minutes or more, I use a combination of I use Cards, Clairvoyance, Aura Reading and sometimes Mediumship, to source information directly from your energy field. These skills to provide each client with their profile: dominant aura colour and how that affects your personality, Soul mission, abilities and life challenges, as well as in-depth details on most areas of your life, clarity, insight into yourself and others motivations. I can assist with choices for career, house moves, how to handle people and situations, as well as an overview of your energy. I can also look at past life connections with people and situations in your life.

You will find that I often say things you have recently said to others, or thought about but did not trust yourself, and that I can identify people or events that have occurred that of course I would not have known about. This is called ‘validation’, meaning I have given you information that would have happened to you before.

Empowerment is defined as:

“The authority or power given to someone to do something.

The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.” (Oxford Language Dictionary)

“The process of supporting another person or persons to discover and claim personal power.” (www,

By building trust based on my giving you validation information, we begin the process of support within the framework of my reading of your energy, to assist you to have more clarity, more self-trust and develop a clearer vision for your future to provide focus and empower you to become strong and more confident in managing your life.

My Gift to you…FREE 10 minutes added to readings over 30 minutes. If you feel inspired…

Book a reading in my online diary and pay for a 30, 45 or 60 minute psychic reading, and I will at the time of your reading, add another 10 minutes free on to your consultation time. All readings are recorded and sent you via email following your reading.

This offer ends November 1, 2022. Quote ‘offer10’ when you book, on the booking form.