How To Ask the Right Questions During A Tarot Card Reading?

Are you curious about your future? Do you want to know the reasons behind the present problems in your life? Book an appointment for tarot card reading in London with a professional tarot card reader and get answers to all your questions. 

However, many people walk up to tarot card readers and have nothing to say. If you do not have questions, you can’t expect the reader to predict your future. The tarot card reading process works both ways. Readers are not psychic, so they are incapable of reading your thoughts. 

Ask questions and answers about your past and present. Again, if you’re stressed or suffering from either depression or anxiety, book your appointment with professionals offering hypnotherapy in West London

How to Ask the Right Questions to a Tarot Card Reader? 

  • Ask Small, Significant and Direct Questions

Generally, an in-depth tarot card reading session will include three cards. Hence, break the long questions into short, simple and significant ones. Lay them down chronologically so that you get your answers systematically. This thought process can help you get specific answers about your life.

  • Related Questions with Past, Present and Future

A professional reader uses a tarot spread of past/present/ future and draws three cards representing each phase of life. Hence, frame your main questions by focusing on these three aspects of life. Once you’ve received answers to your main question, you can ask related questions and ask the reader to draw cards accordingly.

  • Ask about the Timing of Events

Don’t hesitate to ask the “when” questions to the reader. For instance, ask questions like “When will I get the job?” You can get a specific year or month from the reader for this question. Asking “when” questions will clear your doubts easily. 

  • Make your Questions Specific 

If you ask specific questions to the reader, you’ll get correct answers. For instance, avoid asking multilayered questions like “How does the girl feel for me?” Rather, you can ask a direct question like “Does the girl love me?” For the direct question, you can expect a “YES” or a “NO” as an answer. 

  • Stick to Open-ended Questions 

Frame open-ended questions if you want to know about relationship status, success secrets and solutions to life problems. Open-ended questions lead to more insightful answers. You can stick to close-ended questions if you want to know the dates or amounts. 

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