Happy New Year 2023?!

What Is happiness?

Lets’s face it, we all want to be happy, but it often eludes us! Often, when I ask someone what happiness means to them, they find it hard to answer. I believe this is because happiness has to do with a combination of fantasy, where it’s should be coming from and perhaps a belief of how long it’s supposed to last.

Of course, life does not always happen as we expect! There are challenges to be faced, problems to be solved about our selves: our past, our variety of relationships, our career motivations and ambitions for the future are called into question. We can be disappointed, disorientated, distressed and thrown off balance…unhappy.

When we are unhappy we often focus on what is not….(you fill in the blank!) We then create a negative spiral of mental and emotional dissatisfaction, of self-destructive thoughts and feelings about ourselves and about how others have done x/y/z to us. This leads to stress, feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence and more unhappiness. We become a victim of our own habitual negativity and lose the bigger picture.

So…Can you be happy?

This is where each of our personal growth is forged. In fact, creating Happiness or a happy attitude, is each of our own personal responsibility! It’s not up to anyone else or anything that happens ‘out there’! This is the beginning of understanding that you are more in control of your life than you feel!

You can re-framing what you mean by happiness. Rather than analysing the individual things that make you happy momentarily or digging into your memory bank for past experiences can help, but perhaps choosing a different word or idea could work better. Seeking contentment rather than happiness could be a concept encompassing less negative expectations. Contentment is the knowledge and acceptance of what is. This leads to a more inclusive mental attitude of not only what has not gone to plan, but also what is working as well as what you can be grateful for. Gratitude can be at the #heart of the #attitude of #contentment bringing eventual #happiness that can be more enduring.

Gratitude and contentment encourages the self-belief that you can do something about it from within yourself. You are never a victim, and you do have choices!

Sometimes we need a little help to untangle the confusion of heart, mind and habit.

Having a #psychic #reading can help to gain some #perspective and #insight on your thought processes and end that negative spiral, be reminded that you have more inner and outer resources at your disposal than you thought!

So, start 2023 with a reading with me to begin to cultivate the attitude of #contentment and have a happier year ahead!

Your New Year’s Gift- valid until 1 February 2023

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