With Nina Ashby

Most of us have times in our lives when we need a little support, advice or another viewpoint on something we are trying to decide about.

It may be about a relationship, work, your life direction, health issues or even questions about psychic or spiritual matters. Whatever it is, my psychic skills are available to you to help gain a better understanding of your situation and offer you guidance and options to consider.

BOOK ONLINE ABOVE on my calendar, choosing a date and time for your consultation and pay via PayPal or by Debit /Credit Card. Your appointment will be confirmed by email.




Payment Options

Pre-pay online by PayPal or credit/debit card.


All readings are digitally recorded and sent to you via email.

Scroll down the page for description of my services.

In-Person Readings: 

Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19 virus, I will not be accepting any face to face clients until further notice.


Telephone Readings:

If distance is a problem there is always the option of having a telephone reading. We will arrange a mutually agreeable date and time for the reading and all instructions will be given via email.



Video Readings:

If you happen to have Skype, Facetime. What'sApp or Messenger Video access, then this is a wonderful alternative to a normal telephone reading. I regularly consult with clients from all over the

world this way very effectively.


Healing Sessions including Consultation:

All healing sessions minimum of 1 hour and can be conducted

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Hypnotherapy Sessions are 2 hours.

Consultation Types


Aura reading – A comprehensive look at your energy field; life path colour, chakra colours and what they mean in the context of your personality, development and your personal circumstances.  Includes a drawn picture of your aura as I see it. (1 hour)

Clairvoyance –  I tune in to your energy where I use my ability to directly perceive your state of being through your energy field at various levels. I look at the past circumstances surrounding your present life situations, relationships, work, family, travel, creativity etc. I also a look into the trends and probabilities for the year ahead in all life areas.


Cards & Clairvoyance – I can use Tarot and Oracle cards in conjunction with my clairvoyant vision to look into all life areas.


Mediumship & Channelling – I connect with ones who have passed over, your spirit and/or your angelic guides for information, comfort and upliftment.


Akashic Record Reading and Healing - I tune in to the Akashic records to look in to your Soul past. This deep and penetrating session will help you to understand your life purpose as well as problematic relationships, unexplained phobias and recurring life situations. As appropriate to your circumstances, healing can also be carried out.  (1 hour)

Hypnotherapy - I am a trained Holistic Hypnotherapist and can assist you in getting to the root of your issues. Call me to discuss your needs.  Spirit Release and Past Life Regression are Specialisms.


NLP -  Using NLP techniques in conjunction with my psychic abilities I assist you to resolve difficult issues and make positive changes to the way in which you deal with things.  (1 hour)


Energy Balancing– I identify your state of being and based on my assessment of your aura, and carry out energy   & c chakra balancing using energy transmission, colour, sound and crystals to effect a positive change in you at all levels.  

(1 ½ hr initial session, 1 hr sessions subsequently)

Spirit Release, Curse Breaking and Property Clearing - Consultation using dowsing to identify the presence of the presence of unwanted energies affecting your energy field or your property, then recommendation of work to be done and the cost.

Choose which kind of service you like when you have your session as long as the appropriate fee has been paid.