Learning Materials


Answers to the fundamentals of Personal & Psychic Development

This simple book is a comprehensive guide to understanding your subtle world. Based on my experience as a teacher of psychic development for 30 years, the book was written as a study guide, and as reference material to remind students of the basics. It addresses FAQ’s, gives explanations as well as exercises that help the student in practical ways to grow that awareness in real life situations. Energy management skills, cleansing, protection and separation that are vital to spiritual and personal growth are included.   


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Colour can Change your Life!

A book that tells you in simple language why and how colours affect every aspect of your life: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Learn to use colour to positively to affect your health, improve your relationships, help land your job, enliven your environment, change how you feel and how others perceive you. This lovely, full colour-illustrated 192 page book is filled with fascinating, practical and colourful information. For beginners or as reference material.


Available on Amazon: Paperback Book                                  


This comprehensive yet simple to understand book provides information on each color of the spectrum from practical to the spritiual. Learn how to use color knowledge to enhance every aspect of your life. 

Available on Amazon: Paperback Book


These were specially designed as teaching aids to go with my book,  Develop Your ESP. It is recommended to work with them in order within the series as well as within Download sets as the exercises build skills progressively.

Digital Download of FOUNDATION SKILLS 

This series of downloads combines teaching tracks with meditation and visualisation exercises to teach you the fundamentals  needed to begin managing your own psychic space and develop your psychic awareness. Regular practice of the exercises will provide you with a firm foundation for developing your psychic skills through the exercises on the other two download series.



This series of teaching downloads provides you with the next level of personal development practice following on from the Foundation Skills download. Theory and practice in psychic cleansing and protection are both important aspects in personal development. 


Digital Download of CHAKRA DEVELOPMENT

The Chakras or major energy centers relate to different aspects of psychic awareness as well as being concerned with states of consciousness and how we express ourselves.  In this final series of downloads, you work with each chakra in turn through an instruction track followed by a meditation. The final track takes you on a journey through all the chakras.