Colorful You

Colourful You! Can you imagine a world in black and white – with lots of shades of grey but no colour? Colour IS life! You are a being of Light and from sunlight our world is alive, energised and transformed. The white light of the sun divides into all the colours of the spectrum and is visible within all of life in minerals, vegetables and animals – including us! Colour carries energy information that you already know about as it exists within you as well as outside of you. Colours have meaning and when you think of expressions used in daily language, such as a “colourful person, “in the pink”, “green with envy”, “red hot”, feeling “blue”, etc. we can see that colour describes physical,,

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Acceptance or otherwise of the validity of any supposed form of psychic, spiritual or paranormal phenomena, including but not limited to readings and advice given by means of divinatory arts such as Tarot. Astrology, Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Numerology or Palmistry, is a matter of personal belief. All such readings should therefore be regarded as being for entertainment purposes only. No claim is made as to the accuracy of information provided by such means and clients are advised to use their own judgment as to whether to act on the basis of information provided in this way.